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I am Daniel Loncarevic and I'm into photgraphy since 2003. On the internet, I'm also known as Fidel.

I started shooting with a small Canon IXUS v2, mostly family photos on various trips I made at that time. After about a year I managed to collect enough money yo buy Canon PowerShot A95. At that time I started working for some micro-stock photo agencies and making commecrial photos. The feeling of the first sale ($0.50) on one of those agencies would be really difficult to describe.

Later, I participated in a couple of exhibitions in Montenegro. The first one was an exhibition dedicated to amateur photographers of Montenegro, which was held at 'Karver' in Podgorica, in 2005. At that exhibition I introduced myself with 5 photos. The following year I took part in an International Photograph Exhibition "Through the Spider's Web", that was organized by the National Park 'Fruska Gora' and on which nearly 100 photographers participated from all over the world. The same year my photo 'Unknown Meeting', that was taken in Ulcinj, was chosen as the most original picture of summer - the project organized by 'Photo Boni' and daily newspaper 'Vijesti'. After that I participated in many other exhibitions and contests. In July, 2006 my photo (that you can see on the left side) has been chosen for the front page of the first edition of 'CG Vodic' which is a Montenegrin Guide magazine.

Today, I have a DSLR - Canon 6D with several lenses for different types of photogaphy. I do all kind of photography, from commercial photogaphy to weddings and other events. I also have an improvised photo studio located in Sutomore. However, I try to do what I love most - nature photography. I like to take off to some remote place where the human hand didn't destroy evereything (yet) and enjoy being there and taking photos of those beautiful scenes.

Due to the nature of my job, I travel a lot and I have a unique possibility of discovering the whole world collecing all those unforgettable experiences which I'm trying to share here through my photos.